Sep 09, 2012
Meteoric Changes For Fast Distance
Fast Distance - Meteor (Original Mix) [Air Up There]
Fast Distance - Ys (Original Mix) [Air Up There]

Is this the same Fast Distance who delivered Alpine just a little bit earlier this summer? The Belgian producer has taken a detour from his well-worn uplifting niche and, with Ys/Meteor, landed in the kind of proggy territory that’s well-suited to Air Up There, Tritonal’s sublabel home on Enhanced.

Ys is a solid track that sounds as if it’s bidding farewell to the summer; though the break is melodic, it never crosses into floaty anthem territory and remains firmly weighted down by a standard progressive bassline and a lead that’s more matter-of-fact than uplifting. Meanwhile, Meteor kicks up the prog core a notch and showcases a very Enhanced-like series of nuanced effects and subtle arps in its builds while leading up to a break that’s right at home on Air Up There—no wonder Tritonal approves of this release. I still adore Fast Distance’s uplifting roots and hope he’s not abandoning them entirely. But if he is, well, Ys/Meteor isn’t a bad introduction to be riding in on.

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