May 11, 2012
The Truth About Dubstep
Truth - Skitzo (Original Mix) [Boka]
Truth - Insanity (Original Mix) [Boka]

Andre Fernandez and Tristan Roake, popularly known as New Zealand dubstep duo Truth, have been quashing subwoofers since they first appeared on the mighty Deep Medi record label back in 2009. Prior to 2009, Andre and Tristan were a burgeoning drum’n’bass outfit that had never considered dubstep as part of their repertoire until the duo had a brief encounter with Deep Medi label head and fellow dubstep producer Mala. Truth’s latest EP Skitzo/Insanity, out on Boka Records, is a lurid exploration of the darkest corridors of UK dubstep, combining demented, skittering rhythms with a brutish bassline.

Skitzo was featured in a Von D mix two months ago and was a particular standout amongst several stellar tracks. Its vitriolic bass melody takes center stage, ill-suited for anything less than a 12″ subwoofer. Standing in contrast to the aggressive bass is a sheepish, plucked melody soaked in haunting reverb. The next track on the EP is called Insanity, and it’s another heavyweight bass workout. The tune’s structure is very simple–a staggered rhythm and a series of huge, throbbing bass thuds; a prescription for only the most sinister of UK dubstep tunes. Both Skitzo and Insanity live in the lowest part of the audible frequency spectrum, making a decent set of speakers an absolute must!

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