Nov 28, 2013
Experience Menno’s ‘Beauty Of Silence’
Svenson & Gielen - The Beauty Of Silence (Menno De Jong Remix) [High Contrast]

What happens when you get a Svenson & Gielen track remixed by Menno De Jong? Well, given their track record as legends on the trance scene for a good few decades between them, it would be reasonable to assume some classic-sounding uplifting trance would result. If you throw in the fact that it’s been released on High Contrast recordings, it’s almost a cast-iron guarantee.

The Beauty Of Silence will certainly ring a bell for anyone who’s been into trance for a while. The original track was the anthem of Trance Energy in 2000, but has since been a somewhat obscure classic. Few who know the track could doubt that it deserves more recognition, that it’s a crime that the massive riff isn’t blasted through more massive sound systems. Well, thanks to Mr. De Jong, it can destroy dance floors once again. Menno’s work–as always–is true to his uplifting trance roots. The riff retains the power it was originally afforded, but the percussive elements and production values are given more power and more polish without succumbing to clichéd trends.

The all-time trance classics from the late ’90s/early ’00s are starting to sound a little dated in terms of production technique, but as Menno has proven here, careful and subtle work can totally revitalize a track while retaining everything it originally stood for. It’s a rare feat, and it’s certainly worth checking out.

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