Apr 28, 2014
PREMIERE: Melleefresh & Alixander III – My Life (Without You) (Bobmo Remix) [Play]
Melleefresh & Alixander III - My Life (Without You) (Bobmo Remix) [Play]

If Parisian oddball Bobmo isn’t a household name yet, it’s simply because the world just ain’t ready to deal with the unparalleled madness of his production work. That sense of playful exploration is in full effect on his remix of My Life (Without You) by Melleefresh and Alixander III (of Azari & III fame), and we’ve got an exclusive first listen.

Bobmo is one of those rare dance producers who’s able to craft unique tech-leaning tracks that never sacrifice any dancefloor appeal for the sake of experimentation. You’d be hard-pressed to pin down any melodic (or even musical) elements in his remix of My Life, but the track’s carefully layered and syncopated percussion brings its own kinds of hooks, relentlessly looping and hypnotizing without ever coming off as dull. Singer Melleefresh is treated as just another texture in the mix, her words blurred and stretched beyond the point of comprehension until only an eerie shadow of her voice remains.

Bobmo’s remix comes from the My Life (Without You) EP, out May 5 on Play Records. The three-track EP will also feature a remix from Italian techno auteur Michele Pinna.


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