Jul 24, 2015
Meet The Women Pioneers Of DJ Culture In ‘Girl’ Biopic

There’s no denying that DJ culture is a typically male-dominated industry, but director Kandeyce Jorden’s film Girl explores the pioneering women DJs that have infiltrated this scene against all odds.

Jorden explains that what began as a behind-the-scenes film project with her late husband in 2003 slowly evolved into a massive biopic on the lives of veteran women DJs and their trajectory through early EDM culture. Most of the film revolves around the tales and trials of DJ Sandra Collins (pictured) and Jorden’s own vagabond adventures with the DanceStar 2003 Best DJ. The filmmaking experience unfolds in what she describes as, “making a connection that [she] could have only made by getting completely lost.”

12 years later, and she is finally ready to release her film, focusing on an all-star cast with DJ Irene, DJ Colette, DJ Rap, and the legendary DJ Sandra Collins.

Though Girl is not yet available to the public, an IndieGoGo campaign has been started, with support from Paul Oakenfold and other industry leaders, to pay for the music rights, and get it into circulation. Contribute to the campaign, and watch the film trailer here.

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