Jun 16, 2011
Meet sAuce
sAuce feat SounSiva - I've Missed You

Glitch hop is a genre dominated by no one type of sound. In fact, the deeper I delve into the genre, the more diverse I find it to be. In this way, glitch hop strikes me as an important middle step in the evolution of EDM. Most glitch hop artists have a pretty eclectic sound; today I want to talk about one in particular named sAuce. The first think you need to know about sAuce is that he’s really, really talented. The other thing you should know about sAuce is that you can never have enough.

The artist otherwise known as Caleb Young makes music that juxtaposes eerily powerful bass with enchanting melodic riffs to create an ambience of awesome. Often I find myself hunting on SoundCloud for that next song that makes me slap my grime-face on. From the moment I played sAuce’s I’ve Missed You, I knew I hadn’t just found a song, but an artist.

sAuce is a good avatar for this genre. His music displays all of the qualities you want to see in glitch hop: deep bass, spacey melodies, crystal-tone lasers, and an experimental attitude set the mood for an epic drive, mix, or just something to rock out to. Check out I’ve Missed You here, and head over to SoundCloud to listen to Lullabytes of Memory and Like Nothing Else Does, or visit sAuce at the aptly named sAucebass.com or his Facebook page here to get better acquainted.

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