Nov 19, 2013
Mayor Gives MoS More Time For Solution

Ministry of Sound’s artistic appeals to London Mayor Boris Johnson seem to have worked. The UK dance music mecca has been given more time to reach a solution to the problem that threatens the continued existence of the 20-plus-year-old superclub.

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(above: campaign on behalf of Ministry of Sound)

In an update on MoS’s site, chief executive Lohan Presencer announced that during today’s hearing regarding the 41-storey housing proposal nextdoor, Mayor Johnson decided to give all parties more time to discuss mutually beneficial solutions.

We’re encouraged that the Mayor has chosen to adjourn the decision and we’re confident he recognises that the solutions we are putting forward will ensure all parties are happy with the outcome.

The Eileen House project, although not fundamentally opposed by MoS officials, could potentially jeopardize the continued existence of the long-time staple of UK nightlife by resulting in excessive noise complaints from residents and eventually the revocation of the club’s license, according to official statements.

We have always said that we can co-exist with a new development and we welcome regeneration in Southwark. We are committed to our local area and neighbouring businesses, as we have been for more than 20 years.

MoS had been fighting the proposal for two years when the issue was rejected by the planning committee in 2011, only to be brought back to life by Johnson himself. Now, MoS will once again enter negotiations with the Eileen House project to find an answer.

As the Mayor has requested, we will sit down with the developer to work on a mutually agreeable, sustainable solution – one which will deliver housing for London and safeguard the future of our club.

Read the entire update here.

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