Apr 28, 2012
Maya Jane Coles Kicks It Up
Kiki & Marco Resmann - Beggin' For The Heat (Original Mix) [!K7]
Urulu - No Need (Original Mix) [!K7]
Chasing Kurt - Money (Original Mix) [!K7]
Maya Jane Coles - Not Listening (Original Mix) [!K7]
Nocturnal Sunshine - Meant To Be (Original Mix) [!K7]
Adana Twins - Strange (Original Mix) [!K7]

Lovers of pure, sexy house music everywhere are obsessing over Maya Jane Coles’ newest release for the DJ-Kicks compilation series. Coles, who broke out on the scene last year, has enjoyed a nonstop rise to stardom in the EDM realm, and this latest entry demonstrates just why she’s gotten so much attention. Maya’s selection is pristine–from minimal to deep and everything in between. Let’s take a look.

One of my favorite tracks she chose to include is Money by Chasing Kurt. You can’t help but imagine yourself in a dark cafe smoking cigarettes when you listen to this one. It retains it danceability while downplaying the actual “dance” elements, utilizing a few scant kicks and sexy vocals. Not Listening is another minimal masterpiece in its own right. Highlights include vocal wisps reshuffled into sub-level foundations, and of course, beautiful layering. I’ll leave you with Meant To Be by Maya’s alter-ego, Nocturnal Sunshine. This one takes a break from house and hits you with some deep, sensual dubstep. Add to that great sampling and you’ve got yourself a hit. Maya’s latest release is definitely one you don’t want to miss, especially if you’re a self-proclaimed “house cat.”

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