Dec 12, 2013
Max Cooper Announces Debut Album, New Live Experience
Max Cooper - Adrift feat Kathrin deBoer (Original Mix) [FIELDS]

London-based techno innovator Max Cooper announces his debut album, Human, will come out on FIELDS on March 10. The first single, Adrift featuring Kathrin deBoer, is available to stream and releases Dec. 16.

A purveyor of spatial soundscapes and challenging concepts, the producer recently gave an interview about 4DSOUND, an insanely cool way to present live music that uses omnidirectional speakers and special software to deliver audio in a more immersive way. It’s some real futuristic ish, and quite frankly sounds incredible. Read more about 4DSOUND on Fast Company. Check out the Human tracklist below, and pick it up when it drops Dec. 16.

Human tracklist
1. Woven Ancestry
2. Adrift feat. Kathrin deBoer
3. Automaton feat. BRAIDS
4. Supine
5. Seething
6. Numb feat. Kathrin deBoer
7. Impacts
8. Empyrean
9. Apparitions
10. Potency
11. Awakening

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