Mar 29, 2012
mau5hax In Miami
mau5hax - Fractals (Original Mix)
mau5hax - Titty Sprinkles (Original Mix)

Fans of everything mau5trap are in for a treat–the label recently released two free jams on Beatport! As we know, any tune from mau5trap is usually a good one, especially when it’s free! The tracks were released as part of a contest called “mau5hax,” where five producers, including Andrew from Shapes of Light, were selected to work with the mau5trap crew over Miami Music Week. Guys like Kill The Noise, Feed Me, Moguai, Foreign Beggars, and Deadmau5 himself were all present for the live-streamed event.

The tracks that resulted from this collaboration are titled Fractals and Titty Sprinkles. Fractals is a somewhat chilled-out electro house track with fragments of childish synth skippin’ around here and there. It sounds like toned down Deadmau5–everything is still there, it’s just not quite as raucous. Titty Sprinkles is another story. Besides having a hilarious name, the song is an all-out monster of a electro/moombahcore track. Over-the-top rap lyrics and crunching basslines keep things interesting, while the notorious mau5 samples give it an edgy feel. Make sure you follow the link to grab your free tunes!