Mar 20, 2011
Matthewdavid, The International
Matthewdavid - International [Brainfeeder]

If you’re a fan of the LA beat scene, then I don’t even have to tell you about Brainfeeder, the foremost influential label in the scene. With artists like Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp Killer, and Daedelus, they practically have a monopoly on the releases in the beat scene. Today’s artist, Matthewdavid, has released an LP on the label called International, and it’s truly dope.

The LP is four tracks in length, but boy do they take your breath away. This is by far Matthewdavid’s most accessible release on Brainfeeder, drawing from avant-garde and glitch hop-esque influences of the label’s roster. There are so many layers of sound in this tiny LP. Alien soundwaves and eclectic chimes contribute to the overall chill sound, while deep basslines shroud themselves in mystery to almost hide from you the danceability of the LP. It sounds amazing played at home; I can only imagine the effect it would have on a live audience when Matthewdavid tweaks his songs and improvs.

So as not to give the entire EP away, I’ll leave you with the title track–International. One thing comes to mind when I hear the start of this song: trippy glitch hop. But as you progress farther, you being to notice the subtle intricacies that make Matthewdavid’s sound stand out from the rest. The reverbed vocals, the psychedelic sampling, the layer of smog that comes out of your speakers–it’s all there, and it’s all hypnotic. As a parting gift, here’s the official music video for International. Enjoy the dope beats.

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