Nov 25, 2013
Matthew Herbert Makes A ‘Magical Boy’ Out Of DJ Koze
DJ Koze - Magical Boy (Matthew Herbert Remix) [Pampa Records]
DJ Koze - La Duquesa (Efdemin Remix) [Pampa Records]

Pampa Records founder DJ Koze dances to the beat of his own drummer, which is what made the zany but oh-so-serious Amygdala from earlier this year such an invigorating listen. More club-friendly than other artists who mine similar sonic territory, but weird enough to entice only the bravest DJs to give it a spin, Koze’s art-damaged tech-house places him in a league of his own.

Avant-garde electronic musician Matthew Herbert has turned in a surprisingly straightforward remix of Koze’s single Magical Boy, featuring vocals from Matthew Dear and an unnamed female singer. This R&B-tinged slow-burner takes its sweet time luring you in, but once you hit that first magical chorus, there’s no turning back. Tread lightly, ye of broken hearts.

Herbert’s Magical Boy remix comes from side A of the upcoming Amygdala Remixes #1 12,” out Dec 2 via Pampa. The B-side is a glitchy, white noise-infused remix of La Duquesa from Berlin’s Efdemin. Pre-order now.

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