Apr 30, 2012
Matrix & Futurebound Explode
Matrix & Futurebound feat Luke Bingham - All I Know (M&F's Rolling Out Mix) [3Beat]
Matrix & Futurebound feat Luke Bingham - All I Know (M&F's Smash & Grab Mix) [3Beat]
Matrix & Futurebound feat Luke Bingham - All I Know (Seven Lions Remix) [3Beat]

There are only a few names in the theater of drum’n’bass that can pique the interest of an EDM fan upon mention. Most of these names are celebrated around the world and are associated with influencing the sound, culture, and direction of the entire genre of d’n’b. The names Matrix & Futurebound are indubitably ensconced in that elite group of d’n’b figureheads, influencing the entire genre of drum’n’bass for well over a decade. With an impressive oeuvre dating back to 2005, the duo’s tunes have appeared on mixes from the scene’s most revered DJs like Andy C, DJ SS, and DJ Hype to name a few. Now, Matrix & Futurebound are preparing to release their newest electrifying EP All I Know (official video below) on 3Beat Records via Metro/Viper. The EP includes a bevy of stellar remixes, all of which feature the magnetic vocal talents of Leicester’s Luke Bingham.

With timeless classics including Blind Cobblers Thumb and Mute ’98, Matrix & Futurebound have written songs that have elevated the d’n’b genre to new heights. Consequently, Matrix & Futurebound’s latest single arrives with much expectation, and these two d’n’b bosses have delivered in spades. All I Know is writhing with energy, creativity, and swagger. Fans will also be delighted to know that it’s the first track from their forthcoming LP.

As expected, every mix on the EP hits the mark. The ‘Rolling Out’ mix of All I Know is a pressurized slammer, easing in with an arpeggiated synth and a filtered chord progression, soon delivering a frenetic bass explosion when the song crescendos into a full sprawl. Luke Bingham’s slick vocals glide effortlessly on top of the hectic percussion and accompanied melodies, slicing through the relentless eruptions of synthetic bliss. Jump to the ‘Smash & Grab’ edit for the drumstep rework that cuts in and out of a half-time drum sequence with a cajoling, pitch-modulated synth lead. M&F have indisputably mastered the ability to switch gears from drum’n’bass to drumstep. The next track is the Seven Lions dubstep remix, filled with formant groans around a complextro arrangement. The track has been mangled into a flattering concert of wobbles, chord stabs, and shimmering glitchy effects. Truly a momentous EP from a momentous group of producers!

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