May 27, 2015
Matoma Joins J-Lo & Derulo On ‘Try Me’
Jason Derulo feat. Jennifer Lopez & Matoma - Try Me (Original Mix) [Warner]

Tropical house hotshot Matoma (pictured, center) makes for the big leagues with his latest warm-weather production, Try Me by Jason Derulo, on which he’s featured alongside Jennifer Lopez.

After snagging his staggeringly popular Notorious B.I.G. bootleg Old Thing Back earlier in 2015, representatives of Big Beat Records and parent company Warner Music told LessThan3 that they had big plans for the Norwegian producer, and they weren’t kidding. Matoma, real name Tom Straete, is slapped onto production duties for the American singer-songwriter responsible for such hits as Wiggle, Watcha Say, and Talk Dirty, crafting a white-hot tropical house beat beneath Derulo and J-Lo’s ‘s reflections on summertime hookups.

As the hands-down highest-profile collab in the genre’s short history, Try Me has all the makings of a tipping point for the tropical house sound as it sails toward mainstream radio embrace. With the sound’s obvious natural appeal already having hollowed itself out a stable niche in dance music, tropical house looks ready to dominate on a larger scale as it gets escorted into the greater pop sphere by names like Derulo and Lopez… and Warner, of course. Simply put, get ready to hear this everywhere.

Grab your copy here, and pick up the rest of Derulo’s album Everything Is 4 June 2 from Warner. Stream it now via MTV here.

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