Nov 26, 2013
Matador’s Mystifying Minimal ‘Zoles’ EP
Matador - Zoles (Original Mix) [M_nus]
Matador - Gemini (Original Mix) [M_nus]
Matador - Schaffer (Original Mix) [M_nus]

Richie Hawtin’s illustrious M_nus imprint has struck yet again, awing the global techno community with its latest minimal club music offering: Matador’s hauntingly enigmatic Zoles EP. In the follow-up to the 2012 chart-topping Spooks release, Irish producer Gavin Lynch plummets deep within his exhaustive arsenal of sonic ammunition to conjure up five bone-chilling original compositions.

Instantly luring listeners toward a shadowy musical abyss, Matador slithers into the EP with the tantalizing title-track. Intricately laden with percussive obscurities and silky, seductive male vocals, Zoles will ensnare late night dancefloors with its emanating minor chord attacks, among several other atmospheric layers.

Slightly elevating the tempo, Divas maintains the release’s overarching perplexity while heightening the energy via razor-sharp bass motors and disharmonic synthesizer arrangements. Characterized by a similar vigorous essence, Schaffer channels its aggressive tendencies through a pulsating, acid-infusive rhythm, unleashing Matador’s relentless analog fury upon eager listeners.

Concluding the studio masterpiece on a more ethereal backdrop, our inventive Irishman graces us with the angelic piano intonations of Gemini before wrapping up the vibe with the highly experimental, album-exclusive The Thang.

Though Matador’s true aptitude can only be witnessed in his coveted live performances, you can still savor a taste of his mouthwatering minimal productions by grabbing Zoles right here on Beatport.

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