Apr 14, 2014
Mat Zo To Give All Future Releases Away For Free
Mat Zo - Oldskool Trip

Mat Zo announced today that all his forthcoming releases will be free to download via his SoundCloud account, beginning with his new, aptly named house groove Oldskool Trip.

Zo kicked off his newly announced system today with a street-wise house cut with a mean bassline and a simple, clap-driven surface layer with throwback vocals. The tune is a measurable detour from the electro and progressive house we’ve heard from the young talent as of late, to make no mention of the dramatic change in release method.

With this move, Zo joins other free-leasing artists like Pretty Lights, who has been using the increasingly popular approach since his debut in 2006. The commonly held idea is that more money can be made touring than by actual sales anyway, and as Zo points out, his music can potentially reach far more fans in less time.

Pick up Oldskool Trip here, and make sure you follow Mat Zo to stay up to speed with new releases, because God made this one funky.

Mat zo oldskool trip

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