Oct 20, 2014
Mat Zo Owns Up Over Using Ghost Mixers For Radio Show

Mat Zo has admitted to using ghost mixers to produce his radio show The Mat Zo Mix via a detailed Twitter confession.

Mat has always been one to speak out against ghost producers, indeed in this recent Twitter episode he wonders “how do people with ghost producers not kill themselves?” He makes it very clear that the situation makes him feel “disconnected and lost” but is also keen to point out that he’s not alone in the practice and it simply isn’t possible to be a producer, touring DJ and radio DJ at the same time.

Zo does reveal that his show is in good hands, with his friend Matan Segal mixing most of the future Mat Zo mixes. Of course, as the man himself makes clear, if you want to see him put a mix together in person, why not go and see one of his live shows?

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