Apr 02, 2015
Mat Zo Travels ‘Into The Unknown’ On Surprising Indie Collab
Mat Zo feat. Christine Jamra - Into the Unknown Original Mix)

Mat Zo flexed his versatility yesterday, sharing a year-old indie ballad called Into the Unknown on his SoundCloud page.

The track features the tender vocals of Christine Jamra, an up-and-coming artist originally from New England and now living in Nashville. The tune is certainly a far cry from Mat’s previous electronic productions, having a relaxed tempo clocking in close to 84 BPM. There is in fact very little synthetic presence in the song aside from an occasional buzzing melodic phrase and backing pad, which lends to the track’s subtlety. However, it’s Into The Unknown‘s weighty organ harmony and Christine’s voice that propel the tune along charmingly.

While there is no word about an official release, the song is available to stream on SoundCloud.

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