Nov 04, 2014
Mat Zo Breaks Out ‘Heart Weighs A Ton’ Remix
Alex Metric feat. Stefan Storm - Heart Weighs A Ton (Mat Zo Remix)

Mat Zo continues to dabble in anything but today’s most popular sounds in his growling, gritty take on Alex Metric‘s jubilant Heart Weighs A Ton.

Zo revisits big beat/breaks territory in his latest remix, which comes less than three months after Left To Right reminded us of his penchant for the classic sound. He swaps out Metric’s bright piano chords and crash cymbals for a darker, bass-driven big beat structure for a remix that should please fans of The Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method, and contemporaries of the style’s ’90s heyday–except with a serious snarling habit replacing the more era-standard acid synth.

Predicting Zo’s next musical move is getting tougher with each new tune, however in addition to assuring that he can’t repeat styles back-to-back, fans can count on him to not produce one thing for sure: “EDM.” He reaffirmed his apparent strategies on Twitter just before uploading the remix:

Check back for more details on an official release or download.

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