Nov 01, 2013
Mat Zo Dishes Out ‘Damage Control’

The next debut LP in a long series of huge freshman albums this year comes from Mat Zo and his 15-item Damage Control, premiering today on Rolling Stone.

Zo doesn’t mince waveforms, and Damage Control is his doctoral dissertation. Tracks like Only For You show his softer and groovier side, while Caller ID sees him tout his trap taste–there really is something for everybody on this album. Being reintroduced to the trail of enormous tunes he’s left in his wake over the last 12 months is a nice addition as well, completing the diverse display of deft sound design across a half-dozen genres that will be Zo’s debut, Damage Control, come the due date next week.

Listen to the album here, and pre-order Damage Control here, out Nov. 5 on Astralwerks.

Mat Zo Damage Control

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