Sep 10, 2014
Mat Zo Slaps New Spin Onto ‘Circles’ By I See MONSTAS
I See MONSTAS - Circles (Mat Zo Remix)

Mat Zo‘s no stranger to huge drum & bass remixes, but what to do when the tune already sports big D&ampB vibes? Why, take it to drumstep land, of course.

The impossibly diversified Mat Zo has been dabbling in everything from throwback house and nu disco to breaks, and the above-mentioned D&B tendencies in his recent Chromeo rework. UK D&B trio I See MONSTAS and their latest tune Circles present Zo the opportunity to add dubstep to his 2014 repertoire.

Zo offers soulful breaks from his otherwise pummeling, laser-laced remix to allow for Skaar’s vocals to beam in an optimistic setting, contrasting with the distressed main section and giving a nod to the track’s theme of joy-pain duality.

The trio also remixed Circles themselves, available for download here in exchange for an email.

Mat Zo’s remix has no release info yet to speak of, but keep an eye on his SoundCloud, which has become the go-to place to catch his recent free-leases from his newly founded Mad Zoo label.

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