Nov 18, 2010
Masters At Work
Pete Tong & Paul Rogers - Get It (Original Mix) [Toolroom]

One of my favorite things about dance music has always been how willing producers are to collaborate with each other. When artists work together, they don’t just each write their part of the song and then they’re done with it, they have to conscientiously work to accommodate each other’s individual style, which in turn creates a completely new sound. The whole truly is better than the sum of its parts.

The latest collaboration I’ve fallen in love with is Get It by Radio 1 legend Pete Tong and London-based Paul Rogers, released on Toolroom Records. Given the high profile of it’s creators, this is one track that is making a lot of appearances on dancefloors around the world. Get It is a tech house track with lots of retro house influence, stylistically reminiscent of the soul-packed grooves of Toolroom founder Mark Knight. One of the things that makes this track unique is that the initial build is literally two minutes long–pretty precise production, if you ask me. A funky guitar riff and slices of a soulful vocal accent the track and aid the pacing and upbeat vibe of the song. Look forward to hearing this one at a festival or a club near you.

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