Aug 28, 2011
Master of Synthesis
Ummet Ozcan - Reboot (Original Mix)
Lisa Lashes - Numero Uno (Ummet Ozcan Remix) [Discover Dark]
Ummet Ozcan - Insignia (Original Mix)

Sound design master Ummet Ozcan storms the music charts with his latest dancefloor crusher Reboot. This is definitely one of my favorite standout tunes from the recent Dusk Till Doorn compilation.
Ummet throws down a chilled groove, a buzzy electro landscape and a Doorn-esque melodic touch for your cerebral pleasure that simply blows the roof off.

A short while ago, Ummet produced an underrated tech remix of Lisa Lashes’ Numero Uno. He heightened the enchanting vocals and gentle piano roll, then choke-slammed his big synth for an amplified frenzy. Also check out another recent release, Insignia, which takes a slightly proggier, more 8-bit route than most of Ummet’s previous work, while still remaining a signature Ozcan smasher.

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