Sep 22, 2011
Masked Vipers
Martyn - Masks [Brainfeeder]
Martyn - Viper (Ghost People Edit) [Brainfeeder]
Martyn - Viper (London Arches Edit) [Brainfeeder]

Brainfeeder’s newest bad boy has a lot to say about music. Martyn, an experimental producer with a breakbeat slant, has opted to join Flying Lotus’ family and release his upcoming sophomore album, Ghost People, on his label this fall–an interesting move considering the popularity of Martyn’s personal label 3024. Martyn speaks his take on the project–“People just like a certain sound, and then they want more of that. But then when you give them more, they suddenly think you’re boring or one-dimensional. The best way to handle it is to not really listen to people, and just dictate what you want to do. Everyone has their angle, and puts on their mask forward. People use a shell to show who they want to be.” A justified statement indeed, as Martyn has done with his newest EP what he has done with everything else: made it exactly the way he wants it.

Masks is very hard to classify for me. It’s definitely got a tech feel to it, but it does so in a minimal way. Like I always say, genre ambiguity is the key to an outstanding track, so Martyn gets a +1 from me on this one. The Ghost People edit of Viper, not found on the EP but soon to be found on the album, is all-out bass music. Also very minimal here, it is definitely a track for a more refined ear. However, Londen Arches’ edit of Vipers is definitely where it’s at in terms of Viper remixes. Funky UK bass progressions bring the song to life, and the skipping synth give it more than a fair share of personality.

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