Sep 29, 2010
Mas Dimas, Por Favor
Angger Dimas - Fight Club (Original Mix) [Vicious]
Angger Dimas & Vandalism - She Got It (Club Mix) [Vicious]

Every once in a while the gods of EDM smile upon the ever-changing and evolving sound that is the electro house scene. Ravers and clubbers join hand-in-hand, only letting go to fist-pump and bang their head to the deepest, most bangin’ bass, the sexiest, booty-shakin’ synth, and of course, the sickest, deadliest drop. As such, we, the ravenous electro-fiends that we are, can’t wait for the next “big thing” to happen in the genre. Fortunately for us mere mortals, the gods have sent their mercy in the form of a humble Indonesian man. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the man of the hour in electro house–Jakarta Selatan, AKA Angger Dimas.

Forget LA, forget Italy, and for that matter, forget the rest of Europe. If Angger Dimas’ work is at all reflective of the scene in Indonesia, I’m taking the first flight there, with or without Lil Jon. The Dimas sound has “big-room banger” written all over it. How would I describe it? Well, imagine if Tiesto had an illegitimate love child with Laidback Luke. Then imagine if that child was nurtured on a diet of delicious, nutritious synth for the first nineteen years of its life. BAM! That’s Dimas, baby. But seriously, Angger Dimas’ tunes have been rocking stadiums all summer long, having been supported by superstars like Steve Angello and Laidback Luke. Utilizing sleek, sexy drops, Dimas takes you on a ride with both his originals and remixes alike.

Take for instance one of my personal favorites, Fight Club. This one is a Dirty Dutch aficionado’s wet dream waiting to happen. It starts out with some quirky samples and deep, tribal bass that is commonplace in most Dutch house today. Slowly but surely, the samples build up and a soothing wave of reverb washes over you like an ocean breeze. Suddenly, that signature sleek, sexy Dimas synth takes you on a roller coaster ride. I just can’t get enough of that awesome repetition; he has such a way of captivating the listener with only a few bendy notes. That just goes to show what talent this guy has; small technical tweaks to the song keep it bangin’ throughout, and the listener is all the more entranced. Don’t listen to those first two rules of Fight Club; tell ALL your friends about this track!

Next up we have another tight tune, She Got It, done in collaboration with electro producer Vandalism. Lines of snare drum introduce the song, while hip-hop sampling marches aside it, proclaiming with the swag of Gwen Stefani, “She got it.” Soon after, we find out that this chick is hot sh*t from the proclamation, “…She walks around with a Double (D)esire.” We’re lifted up with a round of “Heys!” alongside the ever-encroaching drum line to a legit synth-trumpet drop. What I loved about this intro is the sick sampling. It screams swagger to me–like, she knows she’s the shit, so what? She doesn’t give a **** what you say, she’s got it goin’ on. Tribal beats are prevalent throughout the course of the song and do wonders for its personality. I could see this song fitting perfectly into an Afrojack set because it’s got everything: the bendy trumpet horn, the pounding, Dirty Dutch bass, and of course, the vocal sample that Afrojack famously loves to employ. Overall, this one will have you dancin’ for hours.

On a final note, I’d like to mention an Angger Dimas remix that has been featured on this site already by none other than the master of vocal house himself, Kaskade. The song is Only You (Angger Dimas Remix). Phange briefly touched upon this song back in July, but I just wanted to reiterate: this song is SICK! If I could pick one remix to listen to for the rest of the year, it would be this one. Everything flows together so perfectly–the passionate lyrics, the dotted, bouncing Dimas synth–this track is pure fire. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do yourself a favor and put it on repeat. This remix will own your soul.

What else can I say about Angger Dimas that I haven’t said already? The guy came out of nowhere and took electro house by storm. I personally want to thank him for giving the genre a breath of fresh air. He found a way to take dirty-ass drops and make them sexy again. I foresee Dimas having a very promising career in front of him–the guy isn’t even 21 yet! Until next time, turn up the volume and as always, listen, comment, and enjoy.

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