Jan 23, 2014
Mary J. Joins Disclosure In New Take On ‘F For You’

Disclosure premiered the video for the Mary J. Blige-infused version of F For You Jan. 22 in their typical retro, sketched-face fashion.

The take on the massive single that features the vocal talents of one Miss Mary J. Blige was first heard during the brotherly duo’s three-night stay at New York’s Terminal 5 Jan. 17-19, where she joined the guys on stage and murdered her new vocal track. The collaborative concept itself must’ve been a bit older, however, given we’re treated to a video for the brand new take featuring the R&B queen herself only a few days later.

Enjoy the vid below, and at this point, we wouldn’t rule out anyone for potential projects with Disclosure, who have positioned themselves as the top of just about every major musician’s collaborative wish-list.

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