Jun 17, 2011
Martin SMASH
Martin Solveig feat Dev - We Came to Smash (Original Mix) [Kontor]
Martin Solveig - The Night Out (Original Mix) [Kontor]
Martin Solveig feat Kele - Ready 2 Go (Hardwell Remix) [Kontor]

Ask any producer, and they’ll tell you: less is more. The nature of EDM is to be simple, direct and memorable. An anthem is a track that achieves the rare combination of simplicity and quality, something deceptively difficult to achieve in a space of competing producers. That’s exactly why businessman-turned-producer Martin Solveig has been taking the dance music world by storm. If you’ve never heard Hello, you’ve probably been living under a rock. In any case, Solveig’s been bringing back the melodic, chipper airs of French house with a string of quality releases this year, including Ready 2 Go. If you’ve been waiting for more of the Frenchman’s pop-infused club anthems, wait no more; the album, titled Smash, is finally here.

Let’s jump right into the tracks. We Came To Smash is pretty similar to the other Martin songs we’ve heard thus far, and it delivers clean on that classic French house sound. The Night Out is also all about those upbeat French stylings, mixing carefree vocals with bright instrumental riffs. The deluxe version of the album also includes Hello and Ready 2 Go, and four remixes by Sidney Samson, Michael Woods, Arno Cost and Hardwell. I posted Hardwell’s because it fully utilizes that anthemic remix potential by turning Ready 2 Go into an all-out tech banger.

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