Dec 11, 2013
Martin Buttrich Gets Foxy With ‘Earth of Foxes’ EP
Martin Buttrich - Earth Of Foxes (Preview) [Supplement Facts]
Martin Buttrich - Monkey Troopers (Preview) [Supplement Facts]

Even with a slew of chart-topping releases circulating throughout the world’s finest imprints and an apprized Grammy nomination (dating back to 2003), German tech house sensation Martin Buttrich exceeds his proficient reputation. Most recently, the learned musician bestowed on us the Earth Of Foxes EP–his debut contribution to Guy Gerber’s renowned label, Supplement Facts.

Delivering an entrancing pair of original productions fresh out of the studio, Buttrich once again stakes his claim among the scene’s brightest and most industrious innovators.

His latest release kicks off with the compelling title-track, Earth Of Foxes, a rhythmic enigma best characterized by its structural obscurities. Evading the industry’s standard four-on-the-floor template, the cunning producer formulates a cohesive string of offbeat percussions to govern the near six-minute composition. A staunch candidate for instrumental complexity, he later garnishes the track with reverberating female vocals and dramatic synth sweeps.

After initially conquering eccentric territory with the lead single, Buttrich returns to his signature brand of syncopated house music, as he graces us with the playfully titled B-side, Monkey Troopers. Compared with its quirky predecessor, Monkey Troopers follows a more justified cadence, sporting elegance over formulaic defiance. Though somewhat conventional in nature, the secondary track holds its integrity with a series of glitchy distortions and eclectic samples sprinkled all throughout.

If you fancy Martin Buttrich’s divergent takes on underground dance music, pick up this essential release right here on Beatport.

Earth of Foxes Album Artwork

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