Sep 25, 2015
Marshmello Delivers Piano House-Style Pop Groove ‘BoUnCE’
Marshmello - BoUnCE (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Skrillex-beloved mystery man Marshmello continues to remain a name without a face and a producer responsible for a slew of top-tier and freely available music. His latest track is BoUnCE, which in bearing a piano that does just that on top of a stabbing trap-style bassline is a track as ready for radio as it is your local nightclub.

If you were looking for a reason to get your Top 40-loving friend into music that sounds a little bit like Disclosure but is far less UK house-inspired in the bottom end, you’ve got it right here. Marshmello weaves through two-step and includes festival trap builds aided with a rap vocal sample to boot. Again, just as much of a mystery as Marshmello’s identity is his ability to keep his fans on their toes regarding the direction of his style.

Download BoUnCE for free here.

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