Nov 16, 2013
MaRLo’s Latest Vision
MaRLo - Visions (Original Mix) [ASOT]

Armin’s brands may be major players in EDM, but they never come across as faceless corporations. The music, the artists, the events–all seem to be controlled, run and supplied by people who genuinely care about making, playing and promoting genuinely good music. As a result, even the sub-labels have meaning behind them, and the ASOT label is a prime example. ASOT events are all about big venues, enormous crowds, amazing displays of light and a passion for a big club tune. The label shares the same ideals, and the latest release from Dutch born producer MaRLo is no exception.

Visions has “anthem” written all over it. Running along at a steady pace, it certainly doesn’t fall under the big room label in terms of tempo, but it has plenty to offer when it comes to big rooms, arenas or even stadiums. The build and drop are almost a standard of how to get a crowd going. There’s some big saw riffs, some little saw riffs bouncing against them, a lot of reverb, some big stompy drums and some very clever production. This is a track that sounds like it is designed to work well in an aircraft hanger–which it would–but it also works well on a pair of headphones. It’s difficult to make a track work as well in a club as it does at home, and such a goal is almost a holy grail to most producers, but this track manages it very well.

Visions is out now on Beatport, and whether you hear it live or on your iPod, it’s another chapter in what promises to be a bright career for MaRLo.

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