Sep 01, 2012
Marilyn Manson Gets Dirtied
Marilyn Manson - Slo-Mo-Tion (Dirtyphonics Remix) [Cooking Vinyl]

Dirtyphonics certainly needs no introduction. As a permanent fixture in EDM festivals across the globe, most ravers have had the pleasure of catching the Parisian outfit perform one of their amazing live sets. The four men defy belief as they lay down an improvised auditory assault of beat manufacturing for hours on end. The only thing more impressive than their live performances are their huge studio productions, regularly rinsed by the “who’s who” of bass music. From their breakout hit Lottery to their most recent remix of Krewella’s Killin’ It, the Frenchmen are showing no signs of slowing down. They have just upped the ante with a remix of a tune from one of rock’s most iconic and polarizing stars–Marilyn Manson.

Officially released on Cooking Vinyl, Dirtyphonics’ remix of Marilyn Manson’s Slo-Mo-Tion is a twisted amalgamation of rock, dnb, and dubstep. The tune starts at a dnb pace, with rock-inspired guitars and live percussion, then transitions into halfstep (half-time drum & bass), eventually seceding into the realm of 140bpm dubstep. Manson’s daunt vocal hook is applied generously throughout the tune, creating a symphonic counterpoint to the frenzied synth modulation and unrelenting low-end bass. The real surprise is when the tune drops into a dubstep demolition, ping-ponging the listener with raucous formants and sizzling snare drums. For fans of Marilyn Manson, check out the twisted video for the original mix directed by Manson himself below.

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