Oct 29, 2011
Marble Mayhem
Sam Tiba - 420 (Original Mix) [Marble]
Sam Tiba feat Canblaster - Trick Trick (Original Mix) [Marble]
Sam Tiba - Zig Zag (Original Mix) [Marble]

The most recent release on one of my favorite labels, Marble, is once again proving that the label has some serious talent. Their newest entry into the world of minimal techno comes via Paris’ Sam Tiba (pictured above, right). Sam steps up to the plate with a collections of three hard-hitting tracks off his new Black Eyed Weed EP. If you liked my post on Das Glow, Para One, and The Marble Players, then you’re seriously going to dig these jams.

Black Eyed Weed takes you on a journey of sorts. Where you end up, your guess is as good as mine, but you’re definitely going to enjoy the ride. All three tracks are packed to the brim with quality and detail. Trick Trick starts things off properly with special guest Canblaster. Cascades of edgy beats come at you from the start, with posh progressions and transitions strewn throughout. Zig Zag gets even more intense, employing tribal bass and fidget-style vocals and covering them with funky UK drum patterns. Stylistic vocal bits really give it a fine polish after everything else; it’s easily one of the best minimal beats I’ve heard in a while. Finally, 420 leaves the EP shrouded in a haze, plus you get to hear Tiba’s “O face.” If you have even the smallest shred of taste in techno, this EP is a must-have for you.

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