Sep 27, 2015
We Mapped Out The Path Stranded TomorrowWorld Attendees Walked To Parking, and WTF?

By now, all you EDM-ers have surely heard of the TomorrowWorld debacle, which apparently landed about 100,000 ravers in some sort of Lord Of The Flies scenario in the middle of the Georgia woods. Best we can understand as pieced together from unconfirmed reports, the mud got so bad due to the rainfall that no shuttles were allowed to drive the road from offsite parking to the site on Saturday night. This left attendees to walk to an Uber and taxi drop-off, and needless to say, supply did not meet demand. Surely exhausted, many chose to sleep on the road, while others trekked on foot to offsite parking.

But just how far was that walk?

Above is a Google maps screenshot of how one would walk on foot from the festival to offsite parking (click here to enlarge).

By the way, there’s basically nothing in that area. So that 10-mile, 2 a.m. pilgrimage was done through dense, low-lit forest (click to enlarge):

Stay tuned for more info as it rolls in from the sh*tshow of the century.

Refund info for attendees has been posted here.


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