Aug 21, 2013
Manics & Friends Git Wit Dis
Manics - Git Wit Dis (Tenderlions Remix) [POPGANG]
Manics - Git Wit Dis (Jayko Remix) [POPGANG]
Manics - Git Wit Dis (The Hi-Yahs Remix) [POPGANG]

Just when I had begun to overplay one of my favorite 115-bpm cuts of the year, POPGANG bosses Jordan Deherrera and Chris Sanders, aka Manics, dropped their remix EP of Git Wit Dis and made my entire week.

San Francisco duo Tenderlions kicks us off with a space-opera nu disco version retaining the vocal samples but embracing them with filters and housing them inside a throbbing shell of thump and basslines that would make Birdy Nam Nam go “damn, son!”

Santa Cruz house-head Jayko is up next, and he spreads a thick layer of groove over the track for a smooth, tech house switch-up to the high-energy cut and aims it straight for after-hours central.

DSCO follows suit with a mix that dives even deeper and spends a good deal of its energy working up a silky arrangement that seems to almost forget it’s a remix. Add this deep house mix in the pile with the Jayko to git wit dat maximum groove next time you’re in such a mood.

As a counterbalance, The Hi-Yahs git wit a turnt-up, snare-laden trap version that flaunts the fat bassline from the original at the new BPM like a weapon for three-and-a-half minutes of future gangster music with a nu disco feel.

The diverse and powerful remix package of an already killer single further proves why POPGANG and Manics deserve a robust and definitive blip on your radar, because they plan to light it up for years to come. Manics, Tell these motherf*ckers!

Download the entire EP and the original for free here.

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