Jan 10, 2012
Mamma Mia, Marble's Back!
Para One - Mother (Original Mix) [Marble]
Para One - Mother (Mr. Oizo Remix) [Marble]
Para One feat Surkin - Compute (Original Mix) [Marble]

Today marks the continuation of my infatuation with one of my favorite labels, Marble. If you’ve been following my past posts on said label, then you know that they’ve been absolutely killing it with every single one of their releases. Today’s release shares the same polished, forward-thinking qualities evidenced by the label’s previous releases. The Mother EP comes straight from the label’s head honcho himself, Para One.

Mother’s title track is a tech fan’s wet dream. There’s just so much sound and character crammed into 3.3 minutes; it’s enough to give you an aneurysm. As a special treat for you Marble fans, the label has commissioned none other than Mr. Oizo for a fantastic remix. As expected, Oizo delivers an avante garde rework of the original, pulling from his catalog of tweaked out electro samples and nervous basslines and putting them all together at near-moombahton BPM. The final track on the EP is a quality collaboration between Para One and labelmate Surkin. Compute takes the form of a robotic techno song, with thumping basslines and digital sampling serving as the track’s mainframe. Overall, Mother is a quality release, as is expected from such a consistent label.

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