Jan 07, 2016
Mysterious Malaa Might Be Unmasked After Social Media Slip-Up
Malaa - Who Is Malaa #9 (Mix)

Rumors that an already-famous artist is behind bass house’s masked mystery man Malaa (pictured above) might’ve been proven true when San Francisco venue 1015 Folsom posted the following image to their event lineup on Facebook.

1015 folsom malaa dj snake

The apparent goof-up, spotted by EDM Tunes on Reddit, has since been deleted or edited, but seems to confirm previous rumors that DJ Snake–who was already a suspect along with Tchami and Mercer, fellow Parisians who all share the same manager–is actually Malaa. While there still exists the possibility of Malaa being a multi-person project, with Snake simply being the DJ for that particular night, we can safely say that he’s behind the ski mask-loving enigma to some degree.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2105, Malaa embraced his shrouded identity and even challenged fans to pull back the curtains with his regular mixes titled Who Is Malaa, the ninth installment of which was released Jan. 6 and can be streamed above.

After Malaa debuted on Tchami’s Confession imprint with his Biggie-sampling bomb Notorious, evidence that the French clique was pulling the strings behind the botanical balaclava began to build, and this could be the tipping point at which the person or persons in play come forward.

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