Jan 14, 2014
MAKJ Gets Manic With ‘MAD MAX’
MAKJ - MAD MAX (Original Mix)

Welcome to the Thunderdome, b*tch. LA producer and former professional race car driver MAKJ pays tribute to the baddest man in The Outback, Max Rockatansky, with his newest release, MAD MAX. To top things off, he’s made the track available for free download as a thanks to his fans for helping him reach 200,000 Likes on Facebook.

Inspired by the the dystopian movie series of the same name, MAD MAX is a roaring, relentless electro house anthem featuring hard-hitting basslines, unremitting drops, and twisted synths. Throw in some revving car engines, and I have visions of Mel Gibson tearing up the wasteland in his black Pursuit Special. You ready to become a Road Warrior? Download it for free here.

mad max makj

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