Aug 03, 2011
Making Love in Stereo
Albin Myers - Faking Love (Electro Mix) [Soundtrack of the Living Dead]
Albin Myers - Faking Love (Myback Remix) [Soundtrack of the Living Dead]
Albin Myers - Faking Love (Sebastien Drums & Rob Adans Remix) [Soundtrack of the Living Dead]

It just doesn’t stop! Yet another Swedish house music champion, Albin Myers, decided to deal us a strong helping of his bodacious tune Faking Love. Beginning with the main electro mix, this track uses electronic instrtuments to their full potential with proper use of vocoders and a beautifully filtered minimal synth melody that’s sure to get stuck in your head.

Next came the delightfully unexpected Myback remix. A thorough production by Myers’ new project with John Dahlback, the two describes themselves on their Facebook page as a clash of John’s basslines and infectious melodies combined with Albin’s murderous beats and hi-hats. Their rockin’ dubstep remix is a terrific reminder that an artist should explore genres outside what they’re known for. Also invited to the party came french house producers Sebastien Drums and Rob Adans. Together they produced a darker, club-bound remix of Faking Love that uses heavy stabs and percussion to get the rhythm flowing.

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