Sep 27, 2012
Making Headlines
Jorn van Deynhoven - Headliner (Original Mix) [Armada]

Unlike many producers who have been changing their production styles in fits and starts to keep up with the overall directional shift in trance, Jorn van Deynhoven has never made a secret of his commitment to what’s more and more often described as “classic” trance. The sweeping, grandiose arrangement of Headliner, fittingly released on Armada sublabel A State of Trance, underscores that steadfastness.

Headliner’s driving bassline propels the track straight out of the gate with a staggering amount of momentum, bringing it very close to tech territory. Instead of dropping the track into a piano line or a bevy of choral voices in the break, a harpsichord-like synth plucks out an almost eerie-sounding melody before launching into a more conventional lead synth. Later in the track, after the drop, the harp-synth returns and counterbalances the lead in a truly gorgeous way. This track has to be experienced to be appreciated—go ahead. Click play now. If you don’t enjoy it, feel free to send me angry messages.

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