Nov 09, 2011
Make the Girlies What?
Organ Donors - Make the Girlies Wet (Original Mix) [Audio Surgery]
Organ Donors - Make the Girlies Wet (Breeze & Mike Modulate Remix) [Tidy]

Before you proceed, note the genre on this post. If I were you, I’d buckle up.

Organ Donors have never been known for subtle beats or progressive grooves. They’re more known for smashing faces in and giving you a serious case of whiplash from all that headbanging. New tune Make the Girlies Wet is one of the hardest tracks I’ve heard from the duo yet. That downward-sliding bassline that Organ Donors is known for makes an appearance in this track as well, but this track has a bit more of a “bass music” slant than their previous offerings. Elements of glitchy electro, trance, and just straight up bass to your face make this a surefire crowd destroyer. I heard Fei Fei use this track as the opener in her Nocturnal set, and to say it grabbed the crowd’s attention is quite an understatement.

Now, just in case the original mix wasn’t hard enough for you, take a listen to the Breeze & Mike Modulate remix, which was released more recently than the original. It’s brief, but man is it hard-hitting; rapidly jumping trance synths lead into what can only be described as wobbly hard dance–a sound I haven’t really heard before. Put on a helmet before you press play on this one–you’re gonna need it.

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