Jan 29, 2014
Major Lazer Preps For ‘Apocalypse Soon’

The commanding officer of EDM (electronic dancehall music), Major Lazer, revealed plans to once again take the world’s booties by storm with his next EP, titled Apocalypse Soon.

The Major briefed us on his next mission today with a teaser video for the EP featuring a clip of his first sexy skirmish, Lose Yourself, which calls on the additional talents of RDX and Moska. The EP also enlists a wide range of specialists from Sean Paul to Pharrell Williams to aid in the twerk-takeover.

Pick up the five-item Apocalypse Soon when it drops Feb. 25, and get ready for the assault with the tracklist and teaser vid below. Keep up on your training until then with the sixth and final chapter of the Major Lazer Strikes Back series of fresh takes on Free The Universe tracks from So Shifty & Mungo’s HI-FI here.


1. Aerosol Can (feat. Pharrell Williams)
2. Come On To Me (feat. Sean Paul)
3. Sound Bang (feat. Machel Montano)
4. Lose Yourself (feat. RDX & Moska)
5. Dale Asi (feat. Mr. Fox)

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