Dec 20, 2011
Major Hardstyle
Major Lazer feat The Partysquad - Original Don (Original Mix)

To stay fresh and evolve as an artist, you need to be taking risks and experimenting with your sound. Nobody knows this better than the dudes behind Major Lazer, Diplo and Switch. They recently teamed up with the Dutch duo called The Partysquad to produce their latest track Original Don. It starts off with Major Lazer’s familiar Jamaican sound before gathering energy and exploding into a hybrid form of dirty Dutch house, dub reggae, and fist-pumping hardstyle.

Original Don went viral with a peculiar music video showing a family jumpstyle dancing with knives and swords in their backyard (see below). Diplo even makes a cameo at one point, casually reading a book on the couch while the grandmother brings over a Chinese pole weapon called a guan dao for the backyard dancers to swing around. The inspiration for the Original Don video came from another video featuring the same family performing a Jian sword dance to Rebound by Mat Zo and Arty.

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