Apr 09, 2014
The Magician Intoxicates With Javeon Remix
Javeon - Intoxicated (The Magician Remix) [PMR]

Stand back, dear reader, and watch as The Magician (pictured) transforms Javeon’s indie dance single Intoxicated into a bouncy Balearic delight.

You can almost taste the sweat dripping down your face in a steamy after-hours party as soon as those first glassy synth stabs appear on top of the deceptively simple beat. The Magician hollows out the original mix, leaving extra room for Javeon’s soulful vocals to spread across your sound system. But well aware that this one is sure to soundtrack beach parties around the globe in the coming months, the Belgian producer smartly keeps the BPM slow and low so as not to bring on heat exhaustion too quickly.

The Magician’s Intoxicated remix will see release on May 18 via PMR. Javeon’s original mix is out now on iTunes; check out the official video below:

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