Mar 07, 2014
Madonna In The Studio With ‘Avicci,’ Can’t Spell Avicii
Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (Avicii Remix)

Madonna announced a collaborative effort in the works with Avicii today via her Instagram, which apparently doesn’t do the whole fancy new autocorrect thing.

Madonna avicci avicii instagram

Although typos happen, and it’s fun to tease, this might be indicative of a far more serious issue, in which “MDNA” leads to spelling loss.

Thanks to YourEDM’s find on Madonna’s Instagram, we know the 30-year pop icon is linking back up with Avicii after their last public run-in on stage at Ultra 2012, when Madonna pulled her whole look-at-me-I’m-cool-I-know-about-drugs thing (what is now called a Miley Cyrus) to promote her MDNA album. So assuming her house work went well, Madonna and Avicii spent some quality time together in the studio, possibly on her new album, on which “Avicci” is a likely co-producer. Just have someone proofread it all when she’s done.

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