Mar 10, 2015
Madeon Sings On Latest Track ‘Home’

After recently releasing his collaboration with indietronica band Passion Pit, French wunderkind Madeon returns to tease his forthcoming debut album, Adventure, with another track from the LP called Home, featuring vocals from the producer himself.

While Madeon professes that he is not a singer, he proves to be just as talented behind the microphone as he is in the production chair. Clocking in at under 100 BPM, Home was created in a very unique fashion whereby Madeon embarked on a production binge, locking himself in his studio for a full 24-hour period without reprieve. The producer says the onset of sleep deprivation played a major role in the production process for Home, creating an almost euphoric state:

Sleep deprivation shuts down a few sections of my brain, it makes me feel like I’m floating. It’s the closest thing to drugs that I would do. I start doing things and it’s no longer ideas going through the brain to the body to communicate with the studio, it’s like all melting together a little. I like it, actually.

Madeon claims Home was created around the 16th or 17th hour of his 24-hour production binge, during which he was feeling the all-consuming effects of sleepiness. Here’s hoping the Frenchman has many more sleepless sessions in the studio.

Home and the entirety of Madeon’s debut album Adventure can be pre-ordered here ahead of its March 31 release.

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