Sep 06, 2015
Madeaux Breathes New Life Into Club Music With ‘NEW WAV’ EP
Madeaux - Kill For Me (Original Mix) [Fool's Gold]
Madeaux feat. Vada - Empathy (Original Mix) [Fool's Gold]
Madeaux feat. Kaleena Sanders - New Wav (Original Mix) [Fool's Gold]
Madeaux feat. A-Trak - Lost In Translation (Original Mix) [Fool's Gold]
Madeaux feat. River Accorsi & Cassandra Kay - What U Need (Original Mix) [Fool's Gold]
Madeaux feat. midnight - Want (Original Mix) [Fool's Gold]

Madeaux sure has come a long way since we started releasing his music on LessThan3 Recordings. The LA upstart started out in the big room/electro game as the now-defunct Shapes Of Light, then moved to an amorphous sound all his own with the release of his first EP. With his latest EP, NEW WAV, Madeaux’ genre fluidity is still present, but a more disciplined approach is taken, demonstrating a clarity of vision necessary for any young producer to move into a higher musical echelon.

A clear “club music” undertone is found throughout the six-track NEW WAV EP. Jersey club, Bmore, Southern hip hop, and moombahton all rear their heads to varying degrees. These influences are encased in the type of melodically intelligent, vocally driven composition that turn what would otherwise be another club track into a hit record. Personal favorites include “future Jersey” track Empathy; the title track, which straddles the line between diva house and fierce hip hop that begs for choreography, and What U Need, a sultry, nu-moombah heater enhanced with vocoded vocals from Cassandra Kay. A-Trak makes an appearance on Lost In Translation, the man whose Fool’s Gold label also released the EP, which possibly serves as the biggest endorsement for Madeaux yet. Either that or the fact that he is now being managed by Slush Management, the masterminds at the helm of Porter Robinson, Mat Zo, and The M Machine’s careers.

Madeaux’ NEW WAV stands as one of the most refreshing releases this jaded journalist has heard in 2015. If this is where club music is headed–back to the music–then the real creative minds who have dotted the fringes of popular electronic music for the last half decade have much to be excited about. Pick up NEW WAV here.

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