Apr 29, 2013
Maceo Plex Kicks It
Maceo Plex - Galactic Cinema (Original Mix) [!K7]
Maceo Plex & Mark O'Sullivan - When It All Comes To This (Original Mix) [!K7]

The first DJ-Kicks mix of 2013 comes from none other than Maceo Plex, who has included some extremely rare and classic releases. After more than 3 months of research and music selection, Maceo Plex’s mix for the series is now ready for your listening pleasure, and let me be the first to tell you that it was well worth the wait.

Maceo’s DJ-Kicks mix is a fantastic amalgamation of both the future and the past, full of rare, old school house tracks that you won’t find anywhere else, especially online. Maceo has included 10 re-edits of vinyl-only tracks, all enhanced to work within a contemporary DJ set. “Most of the tracks are really old, so they needed freshening up… A lot of them were missing percussion, or some other element I thought they could use.” It’s a great way to introduce classic tracks to a brand new audience, and it touches upon something that Maceo feels is lacking in modern dance music: “I think it’s time for people to move on to rediscovering what electronic music is all about, which is moving forward. That futuristic sound, which is timeless… In ten or twenty years I’m going to want to go back and listen to this mix and I hope it’s still fresh.”

As a whole, it’s a dark and spiritual journey supported by deep, provocative basslines, weird sound effects, and tripped-out vocal samples. He manages to strike a perfect balance between the melodic and the bizarre, all propelled forward by a heart thumping four to the floor beat. This is an exciting and enjoyable mix to listen to alone on your headphones as well as with friends, a testament to Maceo’s skill. Ranging from deep house to tech to acid house, this mix does a fantastic job of highlighting sounds that represent the future as well as the past. Continuing the custom of previous DJ-Kicks mixes, Maceo Plex has created an original song made explicitly for the release, titled Galactic Cinema. The soulful deep house track features a dark and sexy bassline and serves as the focal point of the mix without distracting the listener from the surrounding songs. To pick up your own slice of the future, head over to iTunes now to pick up the DJ-Kicks mix, and also make sure to grab Galactic Cinema off Beatport.

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