Mar 13, 2013
Maceo Plex & Danny Daze pres. Jupiter Jazz
Jupiter Jazz - Shake It Mama (Original Mix) [Ellum Audio]
Jupiter Jazz - Technology (Original Mix) [Ellum Audio]
Jupiter Jazz - Good Girl (Original Mix) [Ellum Audio]

Deep house dignitaries Maceo Plex and Danny Daze have teamed up under the tag Jupiter Jazz to bring earthlings to a new musical dimension. Earlier this year, they invaded our planet with the remix to Switchbox’s Pirates Poetry, and now Jupiter Jazz have finally released their debut EP Booty Jazz, a three-track compilation that strays our senses away from earthly sensibility.

Jupiter Jazz send their message of extraterrestrial takeover with Shake It Mama, a robotic vocoder voice resonating over an 80’s electro beat. Electric drums and FX fade under robotic snippets for an unusual yet absorbing sound. On a lighter note, Technology draws listeners in with a smooth, airy bassline and inviting whispers. As we float to the mid, a variety of synths amplify this subtle yet killer dance track. At the last turn of Jupiter’s vortex, Good Girl’s sleazy male vocal lures listeners into unearthly activities with a steady drumline and warping guitar tones. Booty Jazz is a solid three track selection that promises a lot more space-funk to come from Jupiter Jazz.

Pick up your copy of Booty Jazz on Beatport.

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