Mar 01, 2013
M.I.K.E. Is A World Citizen
M.I.K.E. & Matteo Marini - Melodramma (Album Mix) [High Contrast]
Push - Universal Nation (Inpetto Remix) [High Contrast]
M.I.K.E. - Touching Your Senses (Album Mix) [High Contrast]

It’s taken six years for M.I.K.E. to release a new full-length album. With World Citizen, we find him comfortably back at his roots. Weighing in at a hefty 23 tracks and releasing on High Contrast, World Citizen’s two discs are a perfect balance of jaw-dropping remixes of his long-established classics and smashing new material.

To start things off, M.I.K.E. and Matteo Marini’s Melodramma teases us into its enchanting melody as dark and techy elements fuse together over heavy synths to form a powerhouse of progressive trance. Inpetto’s rendition of the forever-famous Universal Nation really packs a wallop and is bound to become a favorite of many who have grown up with this track. Orjan Nilsen also offers up a trance-oriented remix that is almost as stellar, but lacks the energy Inpetto imbues here. Last up on offer is Touching Your Senses, which starts up over a raunchy snare and contains a synth in the breakdown that could only be influenced by Depeche Mode.

World Citizen illustrates the eclectic inspiration that’s developed Mike Dierickx’ prolific sound. From the harder trance of Canvas, to Thursdays, which infuses elements of dubstep over an airy progressive backing, to Sonny Wharton’s tech-house driven remix of Till We Meet Again. It’s refreshing to see M.I.K.E. on top again. Pick up World Citizen off of Beatport today.

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