Sep 19, 2010
M.I.A. Steps Up
M.I.A. - Steppin' Up (Caligula Remix)
M.I.A. - Steppin' Up (Original Mix)

I recently stumbled upon this little gem on HARD’s official website. From the beautiful beaches of Miami, I bring you Caligula’s monster remix of Steppin’ Up by M.I.A. It starts out with a drumbeat progression intertwined with some nifty M.I.A. vocal samples. Slowly, echoey lines of synth build up in the background and pause for a slight second until you’re hit with a wall of teeth-grinding, ultraphonic screeches. Not only that, but the lyrics tie in perfectly with the vibe and tempo of the song. It comes as no surprise that the original was a dubstep tune as well, but what is a bit more surprising is that Rusko actually produced it. It seems like he’s the go-to guy for EDM-inspired artists these days. However, although the original Steppin’ Up has a certain grimy charm to it, the remix is where it’s at (sorry Rusko).

The duo who created this dubstep monster are known as Caligula. Based in Miami, Caligula is an underground sensation consisting of producers/DJs Damaged Goods and Grand Larceny. They’re a pretty young group too, boasting only a handful of remixes that include Rick Ross and Kill The Noise. But don’t let the small catalog fool you–this remix is pure filth. In fact, it’s so good that it won a remix contest put out by none other than HARD itself. That’s right folks, Caligula beat out the likes of…well, the hundreds of people who entered the contest (seriously, just look at how many remixes there are of this song on Youtube). If this remix is any indication of Caligula’s future work, I can definitely see them being signed soon.

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